Spring Training with Bill Green

Spring Training is here! At DePaz Energie we are offering a special “Spring Training” rate to help our members get healthier. For the months of April and May, you can purchase training sessions with Bill Green at a reduced rate of 6 1-hour personal training sessions for only $299. Or you can train with a friend for only an additional $91.

Bill Green has been training seriously since the age of 19, and has achieved a muscular, all natural physique with 3% bodyfat and maintained it for over two decades. After many requests from fellow fitness and weightlifting enthusiasts, and others with physical ambitions (athletic, weight loss, working with injuries, nutrition, etc) Bill decided to focus his own passion for training and health to helping others achieve their own fitness goals.

“I love to work with people who are serious about achieving their fitness goals, regardless of age, injury, or time constraints.  Fitness should be part of a healthy, happy life.   I love listening to each individual and help them find the goal that fits their ambitions and life situations,  designing and developing programs to achieve their goals, and continually evolving that program to keep if effective, fun, and challenging.

Bill is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is CPR/AED certified, and a continual practitioner and student of fitness and nutrition science and development.

Email info@depazenergie.com or call 805-230-0060 to sign up. Space is limited.