The all new Depaz Energie!

The new DePaz Energie is here! Join us at our new Westlake location for high Energie fun and fitness. 

Why Work With A Personal Trainer?

It is hard to consistently push yourself when working out on your own. Even seasoned trainers will utilize another trainer to keep themselves challenged and elevate boredom. A personal trainer will keep your workouts fresh, challenging and enjoyable. Plus, having scheduled sessions with a trainer promotes accountability and helps you develop a pattern of consistency and adherence. Consistency and adherence are key to achieving successful fitness goals.

Working with a personal trainer has other advantages as well. If your not seeing results, a personal trainer can create a customized program for you that is designed to help you meet your unique health and fitness goals. In addition, a trainer will teach you the proper mechanics of each exercise that ensures you are maximizing the efficiency of your workouts.

DePaz Energie is now offering “in-house” training with Karim and Mike. Both are highly skilled, experienced, and friendly trainers. Click here to read more about Karim and Mike. To find out more about personal training and availability feel free to contact me, our front desk or email

Bikini Madness – Sunday June 22!

Check out the newest line of bikinis, available for a special DePaz Energie discounted price.  Available for purchase from 8:30am – 11:30am, June 22 at DePaz Energie Fitness Center!


Kid’s Summer Programs

As we approach end of the school year, we would like to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity for all kids. It has been proven that ACTIVE KIDS DO BETTER! They perform better academically and tend to make better health choices into adulthood. DePaz Energie is here to help with our “Kid’s Energie” Programs designed for children 6 thru 11 and a Kids Summer Membership available for ages 12 and up.

Two “Kid’s Energie” programs are available. Program 1: Open Heart Yoga with Holly, will be offered on Mondays, July 7, 14, and 21, from 11:00am – 11:50am. This program encourages kids to get in touch with their emotions while mimicking nature. Kids come, move and are free sprits as they learn basic yoga postures. Program 2: Energie Kids with Jonathan DePaz, will be offered on Wednesdays, July 9, 16, and 23, from 11:00am – 11:50am. This Program combines simple cardio conditioning and strength training techniques in a fun-filled, hi-“energie” environment. Each program is $40 for all three classes, or purchase both programs for only $60.

Our Kids Summer Membership is also now available. Kids, ages 12 and up, will receive unlimited classes now until September for only $60. This special membership gives parents the opportunity to spend quality time working out with their children and set an example for a healthy life-style.

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Don’t miss out, sign-up now at the front desk. For more information call us at 805-230-0060 or email

Spring Training with Bill Green

Spring Training is here! At DePaz Energie we are offering a special “Spring Training” rate to help our members get healthier. For the months of April and May, you can purchase training sessions with Bill Green at a reduced rate of 6 1-hour personal training sessions for only $299. Or you can train with a friend for only an additional $91.

Bill Green has been training seriously since the age of 19, and has achieved a muscular, all natural physique with 3% bodyfat and maintained it for over two decades. After many requests from fellow fitness and weightlifting enthusiasts, and others with physical ambitions (athletic, weight loss, working with injuries, nutrition, etc) Bill decided to focus his own passion for training and health to helping others achieve their own fitness goals.

“I love to work with people who are serious about achieving their fitness goals, regardless of age, injury, or time constraints.  Fitness should be part of a healthy, happy life.   I love listening to each individual and help them find the goal that fits their ambitions and life situations,  designing and developing programs to achieve their goals, and continually evolving that program to keep if effective, fun, and challenging.

Bill is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is CPR/AED certified, and a continual practitioner and student of fitness and nutrition science and development.

Email or call 805-230-0060 to sign up. Space is limited.



News from Depaz Energie

Starting on Thursday, April 3 at 5:30 pm, we are offering a new workout program, “R.I.P.P.E.D.” that incorporates both strength and cardio training. People typically view strength training and cardio work as two separate exercises.  However, combining these into an integrated exercise routine has many benefits.

Keeping your heart rate up through vigorous exercise burns more calories – even if you increase the intensity of the exercise for just a few minutes at a time. It also increases calorie burn after exercise. So introducing short bouts of vigorous exercise can speed up weight loss.

Another added benefit from this type of workout is muscle toning, since it incorporates strength-training exercises. If you do just cardio you’ll get thinner but you’ll burn away a lot of muscle too. To get that tight, toned, and healthy look you need to perform strength-training exercises.

So if you’re looking to lose weight and get toned, join us on April 3! Click here to learn more

R.I.P.P.E.D the One Stop Body Shock

Experience this total body “plateau proof fitness formula” workout, utilizing resistance and cardio training, which masterfully combines Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet components of R.I.P.P.E.D. to help you attain and maintain your physique in ways that are fun, safe, doable and extremely effective.

This class is free to all members and begins on Thursday April 3, 2014 at 5:30 pm.
Get in shape, lose weight with ripped.
The class is taught by Rachel Moreno. Rachel, born and raised in Southern California, has studied dance and fitness for over 25 years.  Rachel became a group fitness instructor in 2004 and fell in love with it!  She currently holds certifications as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and Lifestyle/Weight Management Coach through AFAA, ACE and AFPA. Rachel is trained to teach a variety of  licensed formats including R.I.P.P.E.D, Zumba (with 5 Zumba Specialty Formats) as well as Mat and Reformer Pilates.  Rachel has been committed to fitness and movement her whole life beginning at 10 years old.

ProMotion Masterclass Series > Cuba Swift


DePaz Energie has launched a monthly pro-workout masterclass series. Each special class will feature one of LA’s best fitness and dance instructors for a 1½-hour masterclass that will ROCK THE HOUSE! The series is open to anyone that’s interested in attending.


DESCRIPTION: Kickoff: Wed, March 19th, 6:30-8pm – Salsa Hip Hop with Cuba Swift
Join the amazing Cuba Swift for this fun filled dance-fitness workout designed for all levels. Cuba’s unique concept incorporates a combination of Latin, Afro-Cuban and Urban Hip Hop rhythms into a fitness-based class. Cuba uses her creative teaching methods and incredible talent to ease you through a fun, creative and results-oriented class. Her energetic personality and clean teaching style will without a doubt ignite the passion and fire inside you! Salsa combined with Hip Hop is the perfect choreography blend to burn calories, break a sweat and have a good time.

CUBA SWIFT is an exciting, innovative, fresh talent on LA’s fitness circuit. With a long time career as a singer, rap artist, dancer, choreographer, cuba-swiftgroup fitness instructor and personal trainer, it’s hard to say which she excels at more! One thing is for sure… the girl can JAM!!! Cuba’s signature dance-fitness workout is called Salsa-Hip Hop. She teaches classes and workshops all around the LA area. She also produced and starred in her own Salsa/Hip Hop Fitness DVD series, which contains fun, easy-to-follow workouts designed all ages. Her company, CUBA SWIFT PRODUCTIONS, focuses on creating awareness of the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Visit:

  • DePaz Members can purchase advanced tickets for only $15 ($20 at the door). 
  • Non-Members can purchase advanced tickets for only $20 ($25 at the door).

Purchase tickets by March 18 and save $5!!  Click here  to sign-up. 

(Note: If you are new to DePaz Energie please provide your first and last name when promoted.  Signing up  through Facebook is not required)

Latin Core with Lisa

Hot Latin rhythms that work your core and torch major calories! This class is an easy to follow cardio fitness class that works your entire core; hips, pelvis, spine and abs. Add a little spice to your workout and let the fat burning canaval begin!

Energie Barre with Lupe Kimball!

Lupe brings her expertise and energie to Thursday mornings with Energie Barre!

This class focuses on strengthening the core and is achieved with the use of stability balls and weights. In addition, you will sculpt n’ tone every inch of your body using light weights, high reps, resistance  and low impact exercises while you listen to your favorite tunes!